Student Travel Awards


To encourage graduate students residing outside of the Symposium host city to attend and participate at the Annual Symposium, STC provides financial assistance for a limited number of student delegates presenting a poster at the Annual STC Symposium.

Application Process

Students must notify the STC Secretariat that they would like to be considered for an STC Travel Award when submitting their poster abstract and curriculum vitae on or before the date specified in the Symposium registration package.


To be eligible, students must conform to the following criteria.

  1. The student must be an STC student member or have applied for membership.
  2. The student must make a poster presentation at the Symposium.
  1. The student’s poster abstract and curriculum vitae must be received by the STC Secretariat by the deadline stated on the STC website, along with notification that they would like to be considered for an STC Travel Award. Institutional prioritization may also be required in case of multiple applicants.
  2. The student must reside outside of the greater the Symposium host city area.

Selection Committee

Travel Award winners will be selected by the Awards Committee and will be notified at least one week prior to the Symposium.

Criteria of Selection

Award selection and value will be based on Regional-Institutional representation, and the quality of the abstract and the student CV. Each institution is invited to nominate one or more student delegates; however, for multiple applicants from the same institution STC also requests that the institution prioritize each of their student delegates.