Terence R.S. Ozolinš, MSc.Pharmacy, Ph.D.

My undergraduate degree was from the University of Toronto in Nutrition and Food Chemistry. Thereafter, I completed my Master’s training with Dr. Peter Wells and my Ph.D. with Dr. Barbara Hales. The working career began in the pharmaceutical industry; first at Wyeth Ayerst, then Pfizer. My primary affiliation was Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology, with roles that included Drug Development teams, the generation of genetically modified disease models for target validation, low-throughput screening for identification of Structure Activity Relationships, investigative toxicology studies, and the conduct of regulatory pre-clinical toxicity studies. After 12 years in private industry, I returned to Canada and began my academic career at Queen’s University. Here, we investigate the effects of resolved congenital heart defects on long-term post-natal cardiac health in our rodent disease model. In addition, we are investigating the role of carbon monoxide as a potential therapeutic intervention for pre-eclampsia.

Terence R.S. Ozolinš
Queen’s University
Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Botterell Hall Room 547
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 2V7

Email: ozolinst@queensu.ca
Website: https://dbms.queensu.ca/faculty/terence-ozolins