Membership Application

Application form


Membership application processing and approvals will take place 4 times per year: January 1st, April 1st, June 1st and October 1st.

An answer regarding your application approval will be sent within one month of the deadlines.

Note: If an application has not been received by the October 1st deadline, applicants cannot benefit from the reduced member symposium rate for that year.


Regular: $165
Trainee (Post-doctoral fellow and graduate student): $39
Undergraduate student: free
Retiree: $39
(Applicable taxes to be added based on province where member lives)

Evaluation of each application will be done according to these criteria:


Any qualified individual who according to the STC Constitution has a continuing professional interest in the field of toxicology and who:

  1. is generally recognized as an expert in some aspect of toxicology or who possesses other specialized qualifications by reason of extensive experience in toxicological research, or:
  2. is responsible for the planning, conduct or interpretation of laboratory and clinical studies relating to toxicology.

Any post-doctoral fellow or student enrolled in a program with major emphasis on toxicology.


  1. Curriculum Vitae: A complete CV including list of publications and a description of the applicant’s role in toxicology. For students this may be a brief outline of their thesis project.
  2. Sponsors: The applicant needs to provide the name and email address of their sponsors who must be regular STC members. Sponsors will be automatically contacted and asked to fill out an online sponsorship form. Your membership application will only be considered complete when the sponsorship forms have been received. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the sponsorship form is sent within the deadlines outlined above.
    – For regular members, 2 sponsors are required
    – For post-doctoral and graduate and undergraduate student members, one sponsor, ideally the applicant’s supervisor, is required.

Note: If you do not know any STC regular member, you may contact us at